So now that the cement is fully mixed, you can pour it into the mould that has the glued hot glue sticks. You’ll know that you made enough cement mix if the mould is nearly full.

Pat the cement down into the petals and shake the cement mould until you have the cement level in each petal, and if air bubbles rise, pop them and shake until most of the air bubbles are gone and everything looks even.

This next step gets a bit messy, so take a plastic garbage bag and place it underneath the take the 2nd mould piece and push it down on top of the one with the concrete and press firmly, using some body weight for pressure. There will be resistance once you hit the glue sticks, and it’s okay to keep applying some pressure on them.

You will have excess cement coming out of the moulds, this is good- it means you probably have enough cement in there. Just wipe of the excess so that you don’t end up with undercuts that will make removing the cement difficult. Now let it cure for at least 2-3 hours. If it is still warm to the touch, then wait until there is no heat coming off of it.

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