In this Instructable I’ll explain how I made this Children’s chair out of scraps. You may not have the exact same materials lying around but you can take inspiration from it to apply to any other surplus materials you may have to make something similar.

The main part of the chair comes from the top of a bar stool. Long story short, I have 2 purple bar stool chairs which you can’t buy any more. The base of one of them broke and was irreparable despite best efforts, so I bought the cheapest one I could find in the same range (identical bottom) so I could replace the bottom. The red top was left over and I wanted to make it into something rather than sending it to land fill.

Most of the work in this project is making the legs, and these used to be garden fence posts. They had held a fence up for a good 20 years and were rotten at both ends, but the middle parts of the posts seemed OK. A neighbour offered to put them on his bonfire, but I preferred to at least try to make them into something, and I’m glad I did.

I do use a small piece of plywood, this was left over from another project. Screws were lying around the workshop, and the finish was also left over from another project. I did use felt pads for the bottom of the legs but I already had them and I also used some M6 bolts which was the only material I had to purchase specifically for this project.


– Bar stool chair top, or any thing else that would serve as a chair top.

– Scrap wood: Can be old wooden fence posts, offcuts, anything reclaimed you can re-use

– Screws: Whatever you can find

– Double sided tape

– Finish: Whatever you have left in a tin from an old project

– Felt pads

– Super glue

– M6 bolts


– Metal detector

– Grips

– Table saw

– Edge jointing jig (home made – Links to how to make your own)


– Chop saw

– Random orbital sander (hand sanding works also)

– Drill, wood bits, and counter sinking bit

– Paint brush

– Angle finder

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