(30) Firebrick 8-5/8″ x 4-1/8″ x 2-1/2″ – Used for the floor of the oven. We got ours from Camosse Masonry supply in Worcester, MA and they cost about $2.15 each

(20) Red Bricks – Used for the arched doorway. Also got these from Camosse and they were $.80 each

(3) 50# bags of Hawthorne 40 mesh clay – This is for the main thermal mass of the oven’s dome. We ordered this through Portland Pottery Supply in Braintree, MA. Came to $50 total.

(6) 6 cubic foot bags of perlite – This volcanic rock has a lot of tiny holes in it making it a fantastic insulator, it was used in conjunction with concrete to make a thermal insulator for the base and top of the oven. It is not cheap, but if you want to cook lot’s of loaves of bread or a great many pizzas, don’t cheap out. We spent $200 total but you will see that it was worth it!

(1) roll of ceramic insulating material – This was used as a mid-layer insulator to increase the oven’s R-value drastically. Once again, not cheap, but worth at about $100. We ordered it from Amazon at this link.

(4) 50# bags of all-purpose sand – Used to form the dome of the oven and as a base to the firebricks and bought at a big box store for $3 per bag.

(18) 80# bags of quick setting concrete – Used for the foundation and also mixed with the perlite for the walls of the oven. These are about $4 per bag.

(2) 80# bags of mortar – Used for building the base of the oven and for the arched doorway bricks. About $6 per bag.

(1) 4×8 sheet of 3/8 plywood – Used to create both the domed arch of the oven’s shape and a form for the arched brick doorway. About $20 for the sheet

(5) 1/2″ x 10′ #4 rebar – Used as support for both the lower foundation and upper foundation. About $5 each.

(1) 8′ length of 8″ metal flashing – Used as a form for the upper foundation where your firebricks will sit. About $10. You will need some self tapping metal screws to put it together temporarily.

(4) 2x6x8′ boards – Used as a form for the initial foundation. About $3 per board. You will need some screws to put them together temporarily

(4) 6×6 Simpson Strong-tie post anchors – We wanted to protect the oven (and us) from the elements so I built a little oven hut over the entire thing. There will be additional details on how to build this later in the instructable. If you plan on putting a structure over the oven (highly recommended) it will be easier to put your anchors in while your concrete is hardening. They are about $12 each.