Every classic car brand has their undesirable models, and for Porsche it’s got to be the unloved 924 (or arguably, the similar 944). Intended as an entry-level Porsche–the gateway drug to get you into the brand–the 924 debuted in 1976 with Porsche’s first automatic transmission and an aesthetically unfortunate beltline.

We’ve just learned that in the 1980s, an aftermarket company called DP Motorsport took several 924s and converted them into "Porsche 924 DP Cargo" station wagons:

Yeesh. Even though they attempted to clean up the beltline, I have to believe even Jerry Seinfeld wouldn’t collect one of these. But if you’ve got £30,000 (USD $38,600) to spare and a quirky sense of aesthetics, this car is for sale here.