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2018 August 7

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Eclipsed Moon and Mars over Mountains

Image Credit & Copyright:
Clément Brustel

There is something unusual about this astronomically-oriented photograph.

It’s not obvious — it was discovered only during post-processing.

It is not
the Moon, although capturing the Moon rising during a total lunar eclipse is quite an unusually interesting sight.

(Other interesting images also captured during last month’s eclipse can be found

It is not
Mars, found to the lower right of the Moon,
although Mars being captured near its brightest
also makes for an unusually interesting sight.

(Mars is visible nearly the entire night this month; other interesting images of it can be found

It is not the
foreground mountains, although the French
do provide unusually spectacular perspectives on
planet Earth.

(Other interesting mountainous starscapes can be found

It is the goat.

Tomorrow’s picture: meteoroid stream

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