My wife and I were having a butlers pantry (bar) installed into our house but wanted to save a few $$$ by doing some of the work ourselves. Do to the high cost of quartz, granite, and marble we wanted something different. Although a butcher block wood counter was a possible choice, the poor material properties (chips, dents, scratches, durability, water and heat stains) pushed us away from that idea. Wood requires high maintenance. If these countertops are not resealed regularly (about every six months), mold and bacteria can take over, and the countertop will need to be replaced. To add our own flair to the kitchen and to keep price down, we opted for concrete!

Since these countertops are custom-poured, homeowners can add everything from unique stones to embedded glass or tile, incorporating a piece of themselves into their kitchen design. Sturdy and resistant to chipping and scratching, concrete countertops do crack, but the cracks are easy to fix precisely because more concrete can be mixed up and poured in. Though there are some drawbacks; concrete has to cure, which means you’ll have to wait a while before you can use your counters. If you want something that can be installed in a day, steer clear! Concrete is also porous, which means these counters can stain easily and require regular resealing.

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