The holidays often mean houseguests, so start preparing now. If you’re the type who prefers to make something rather than buy something, check out these DIY projects for daybeds, Murphy beds, trundle beds, and more – you’ll have enough room for everyone to sleep and sit.

Start with the IKEA FJELLSE bed frame – or any cheap single IKEA bed frame that you like – and after what’s touted as just five easy steps, you’ll have a couch that’s also still a proper bed. Your guests will thank you.

This project is actually triple-purpose: a place for your guests to sit, a spot for them to sleep, and additional storage to boot. The seat hinges open, revealing the perfect place to store guest bedding.

DIY Daybed by Charlott Petersen

This gorgeous piece will make slogging through GoogleTranslate worth it. It’s not a true from-scratch DIY, but the post has helpful hints for how to update a subpar thrift store score. This is the perfect type of piece for a home office: you get a place to work when you can’t sit in your desk chair another dang minute, and your guests get a place to crash. Stash your prized stacks of magazines underneath.

Even if you don’t live in a tiny house, this project might help you get a ton of utility out of an awkward nook. It’s double-duty, obviously, but you could add rolling drawers in those empty spaces beneath; the tutorial has additional instructions just in case.

Turn one bed into two with this great DIY! Trundle beds are the best for slumber parties, no matter the age of the partygoers.

Building a Murphy bed is a huge undertaking, but depending on your circumstances, it just might be worth it. This DIY has a ton of process photos, but be warned that it does not include schematics, measurements, and so on. For a detailed plan, go to DIY Network’s thorough tutorial.

This project was designed for a kids’ room, but hear me out: it’s perfect for guests (provided they don’t have mobility issues). Whenever I’m a houseguest, I’m given a spot to sleep, but I often feel terrible about the fact that my suitcase, shoes, coat, and rapidly accumulating souvenirs seem to be taking over my host’s room/home. Lofting a bed provides storage for your guests underneath (you could also stick a daybed mattress under there for additional sleeping options), and the stairs are much easier to navigate than a ladder. Additionally, the spare design is sophisticated enough for any adult.

Stacked Cushion Daybed

Can something with only one step – stack! – be considered a DIY? Let’s say it can. If you find a great deal on daybed cushions, buy as many as you can afford (up to, like, 4) and stack them against a corner. You’ve got yourself an awesome looking sofa, and when guests arrive, you’ve got multiple beds to offer them.

DIY Hydraulic Lift Bed

Finally, if your space is extremely limited, consider a bed with ample storage underneath the mattress. You’ll want to seriously consider a hydraulic lift system to assist you with the lifting. This House Tour does not include instructions, but I wanted to be sure you knew about the concept. Head over to Ana White for detailed plans and a video tutorial.