“The experience of freedom is infectious, anyone who takes part in a direct action is likely to be permanently transformed by the experience, and want more.”

-David Graeber

My name is Maxima Guerrero, I was born in Morelos, Mexico, and I am a Ruckus trainer. When I was five, my family and I came to Phoenix, Arizona, where racist and repressive laws prevented me from getting an ID or going to college. Despite all my hard work in high school, after I graduated I saw nothing in front of me.

I first connected with Ruckus in 2013, when they came out for direct action training. Ruckus trains organizers to achieve their goals through the strategic use of creative, nonviolent direct action. From this training I gained not only tactical skills, but a sense that direct action was the best way to stop the deportations of undocumented community members. I feel the greatest sense of community, of humanity, of liberation, when practicing direct action. With Ruckus, for the first time, I realized I didn’t have to settle for fear.

No social justice movement in history has been successful without the use of nonviolent direct action. It is infectious and effective. It is about having a vision, and not letting anyone stop you from implementing that vision. Through direct action we have shown others that illegality is merely a bureaucratic designation – no one is truly illegal.

In Arizona, we’ve been living under conditions of repression for a while, conditions which Trump’s administration seeks to normalize and expand across the nation. Now, more than ever, is the time to build our organizing capacities, sharpen our direct action skills and prepare ourselves for the road ahead. Direct action may be our salvation. Once you try it, I’m sure you’ll agree.

– Maxima Guerrero, from Adbusters #131

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